Nepal Hydrogeological Association

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About Us

The “NEPAL HYDROGEOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION” was registered on 2067/11/30 BS (March, 14, 2011 AD), Reg. No. 812/2067/068 in District Administration Office of Kathmandu. Its PAN No. is 304960556.The Association has its office in Kathmandu, which is located in the premises of the Ground Water Resources Development Board, Babarmahal, Kathmandu. Presently, the Association has 169 members encompassing almost all the hydrogeologist of Nepal.


Nepal is considered as a rich country for water resources. About 225 billion cubic meter water is annually flowing towards the India through the rivers and rivulets. Besides, about 12 billion cubic meter water is annually recharged in the form of groundwater resources especially in the Terai and Inner Terai of Nepal.

At present about 14 million people of the Terai area have been utilizing the groundwater resources for drinking, domestic, livestock, irrigation, industries and domestic purposes. In the same way, about 2 million people of the Kathmandu valley are also depend on groundwater resources for drinking, domestics and industrial purposes.

Therefore, the mentioned facts indicate how the groundwater is important in the country for both in the drinking water as well as in the socio economic development sector. However, proper utilization and scientific management of the groundwater resources is needed for further development and improvement of socioeconomic condition of the country. Nowadays, the country is facing both over utilization and under utilization problems.

The urban areas like Kathmandu valley have over utilization problem due to the excess extraction of groundwater while the Terai and Inner Terai has less extraction in comparison to its potentiality. In the same way some are utilizing the groundwater for business purpose and others are using only for the domestic purposes.

The severe issue in the country is that there is no proper legislation and act for utilization, management and conservation of the groundwater. Besides, most of the persons, policy makers, design makers, industrial or common people are not aware about the subject. The Nepal Hydro geological Association (NHA) involves itself in addressing and solving the above mentioned issues holistically in legal, institutional and policy level.

Our Objectives

  1. To promote understanding, wise use and protection of groundwater resources in Nepal

  2. To enhance awareness about groundwater protection, conservation, and use of groundwater.

  3. To assist concerned authority in making groundwater related public policy, when needed.

  4. To promote groundwater research activities.

  5. To honor to senior groundwater professionals.

Major Activities

  1. To organize the short and long terms talk program, workshop and seminars (focusing specially in both school and higher authorities).

  2. To participate in the workshop and seminar in both national and international level.

  3. To publish the papers and bulletins relevant to the groundwater resources.

  4. To organize and keep good relation amongst groundwater professionals in the groundwater sector.

  5. To organize the awareness programs relevant to the groundwater resources for the politicians and decision makers.

  6. To help and suggest the decision and policy makers to form Institution, law and policies.

  7. To make website, leaflets and pamphlets.